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December 17, 2010:

Mark your Calendars...Stay Inspired is having a JourneyDance event at Integral Yoga Institute of Princeton (IYIP), January 8th from 7 - 9:30 PM. Nor prior dance training necessary to take part in this joyful movement improv. All are welcomed.

IYIP is located at 613 Ridge Road, Suite 110, Monmouth Jct. NJ, 08852

By donation: 80% of the donation goes toward the San Damiano Fund, an experiment in daily giving, Inspired by the work of St. Francis of Assisi, 20% toward JourneyDance honorarium.

RSVP: noemi.stay.inspired at


November 3, 2010

Great news! Stay Inspired is now an official IRS non-profit!

Helene Finizio, Love Light Community writes:

The Power of Intention

What do these two questions have in common:

What would you most love to eat for dinner?

What is the meaning of your life?

Answer? Other than the fact that they both begin with the word what, they ask us to think about our intentionality. Intentions are simply the direction in which we apply our free will. Choices are made to allow for the forward motion of our lives. When we stop and think, we can be more mindful, clear and in control of where we wind up.

For example, if we don't give any thought to our meals, we may find ourselves starving after too many hours pass and reach for anything in close proximity. However, if we plan ahead, we are much more likely to wind up with healthy, nourishing choices that sustain us in a positive manner.

The meaning of our lives is actually quite similar. As we think about why we are doing what we are doing, we can focus on simple tasks within our day. We do not have to have answers about our intentions for every day that is to come. We can start with today. (Just as we do not need to know what we might want for dinner every night for the rest of our lives!)

Starting each day with Intention can be extremely powerful in aligning our actions with our true will, overriding our tendencies to be on autopilot.

A great practice might be starting each morning with 5 minutes of deep breathing, simply tuning into yourself, and then setting one or two intentions for the day. They can be as simple as, "I intend to go for a jog today," or, "I intend to get three things on my to-do list accomplished today." After a while, you might just find that your life feels more balanced, your mind feels clearer, and your spirit feels more truly expressed in an intention-driven purposeful path.

Life happens one day at a time. What is your intention for today?


Meditation Tip of the Month:

Create Your Own Reminders

Sometimes it's hard to remember to meditate when we are not in 'the swing' of our practice. Creating little reminders can be extremely helpful to get back into a groove with our minds, our spirits, our intentions and ourselves. Some personal favorites:

1) Post-it Notes! Putting little post-it notes around the house, on the bathroom mirror, on the fridge, on the computer, can be highly effective.

2) Schedule it in! If it's on my calendar, I know I'll see it.

3) Ask a friend to be your accountability partner! Having a partner in your commitment to make consistent change can be all that is needed to move intention into action.

4) Enjoy your practice! Have fun with it! When we like what we are doing, we will remind ourselves of the joy we are wanting. I strive for practices I truly enjoy each step of the way, opening doors to new meditative experiences that provide an even greater scope of awareness.


From Jim Ambrogi:

We are very excited to share the news that Lazarex has an opportunity be awarded a $250,000 grant through the Pepsi Refresh Project. The grant is awarded to the project that receives the most votes during November 1st - November 30th. We need your daily vote for the month of November. Our proposal is titled "Give Hope and Life to End Stage Cancer Patients Through Clinical Trials". Voting does not take more than a few minutes. You are limited to one vote per day for the Lazarex project. 

We will send out daily reminders to make the voting process as simple as possible with links to vote by text, through Facebook or on the Pepsi Refresh Project website directly.

Your voting options:

Go To Our Idea to Vote:

You will need to create a username and password.

Text To Vote: TEXT 104068 to Pepsi (73774)

Voting App on Facebook:, search word "Lazarex"

"Like" the Pepsi Refresh Voting App, then "add to my page".

The app will live on your Facebook home page left column under your Profile photo. Use the word "Lazarex" to search for our idea and vote.

The Pepsi Refresh Project:

Please share this with your friends, family, coworkers, and children. Anyone with a cell phone or internet access can help us.

We will use the $250,000 to:

. Support 15 new patients in FDA clinical trials for 8 months, providing hope where there was none and 3,600 days of life!

. Continue to support 15 existing patients in FDA clinical trials for 1 year, providing 5,475 more days of life!

. Fund 6 cancer screening clinics in the San Francisco Bay area for the uninsured - 2 each for prostate, skin and colorectal cancers for 200 people total.

At Lazarex Cancer Foundation we continue to offer hope, dignity and life for cancer patients and their families by helping them access today's medical breakthroughs through FDA approved clinical trials.


Photos from the Board Meeting Weekend, September 18, 19, 2010:

Alien sculptures admire humans Clark, and Richmond

Gerarda on a tilted path in Clark's Garden

Clark introduces his garden to Richmond, Noemi, and Gerarda

Charlie's point of view in Clark's Garden

The Welcome Monkey, Richmond, Clark, Gerarda and Noemi in Clark's Garden

October 10, 2010

Contributed by Helene Finizio - Love Light Community

Graceful Transitions

Change happens every day. Every choice we make, every action we take, leads us to a new moment of now. Change is a natural and omnipresent part of life.

Do we flow gracefully through our ever-dynamic flux of what is? Can we learn to embrace transition as a joyous process, expressing the infinite possibilities of what can be and our outstanding ability to freely choose as we experience each moment of this lifetime?

Of course we can!

It starts with awareness. We ALWAYS have a choice. We can choose HOW WE RELATE to each experience as it arises.

For example, someone may have a dream that they show up naked to a junior high school science class and all of their most important business partners are the classmates. This could be perceived as a tremendously embarrassing experience and the individual might take this to mean that they are not ready to be where they are in life, or that their colleagues will not respect them if they show their 'true skin.' ALTERNATIVELY, this same person with this same dream could CHOOSE to perceive the meaning to be that they are ready to be more transparent, more authentic, more truly expressive of the 'unmasked self' and outgrow the old paradigms established back in junior high.

Awareness then leads to THOUGHTS AND BELIEFS. We must CHOOSE THOSE THOUGHTS THAT SERVE US, and in so doing SUPPORT THE BELIEFS WE FEEL ARE RIGHT FOR US. No matter what we have learned from our mothers, fathers, teachers, preachers or the endless "tickertape parade"* of self-talk we have on our 24/7 internal radio station, we are constantly becoming he or she who we have come here to be. This is not easy, it takes work. If we commit ourselves to aligning with those thoughts, and thus belief systems, that feel authentically right for the ever-evolving self in each moment of awakened self-awareness, we can form patterns that become effortless moving forward.

Thoughts and beliefs guide our BEHAVIORS. It is not enough to make a choice, create a thought and even rest in a new system of beliefs if our behaviors do not express, and thus make manifest, our new and improved state of being.

Immanuel Kant created a supped-up version of the golden rule with his categorical imperative, stating that the maxim, or basis, for any act should be such that we would will it to be a universal law. In plain English this simply means that the intention behind any action or behavior should be something that we would want not only ourselves but also everyone else to honor and use. This can be applied to perspectives, thoughts, beliefs and actions alike.

A graceful transition is a lesson for any joyous life. We are the creators of our own experience. We are the decision makers of our conscious awareness. We are the leaders of our own trajectory.

Are you choosing to flow with love for yourself and others? Do you experience your own grace in our ever-changing world?

There is so much love present here for you right now, in this moment. I invite you to choose to perceive it, right now. The rest is up to you.


Meditation Tip of the Month: MOVE!

So often we think of meditation as a sitting lotus flower position, early in the morning, a picturesque view of mountains rolling through the vista. How many of us find ourselves in this setting, or up early enough in the morning to take the time for a seated meditation at all? Better yet, even if we had all of this, how often do we remember to start our day in this way? If you are like me, often the day is filled before we even get out of bed. Meditation can happen any time in any location, or more than one at a time! Walking to work, or even just out the door on our way to run an errand can be a great time to take some deep breaths and tune in. Going for a jog? Taking a yoga class? Doing a workout at the gym? Use the motion to start a moving meditation practice! All it takes is a little intention, a bit of awareness, and the ever-present breath!

With Love and Light,

Helene Finizio Lovelight


Contributed by Michael Hines, Inferential Focus:

A link to an interview with Chris Hughes (Facebook co-founder) on social media catalyzing actual change. The link will also introduce you to, a site that carries news on social issues and activisim, as well as a bunch of other things (hence the name I guess).


Two paintings by Joanie Brady:

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